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Our success has been based on the same premise for over 35 years: offering our customers the same products in accordance with identical quality standards. Thanks to this, Frutas E. Sánchez currently operates in over 15 countries in all 5 continents, making it a national point of reference for fruit imports and exports.

Our passion for fruit has led us to take the greatest care in the whole of the distribution process in order to preserve 100% of our products’ qualities from the moment they are picked or harvested until their final consumption. Juicy apples, pears and peaches, delicious cherries, kiwis, nectarines… Throughout the process, we look after every detail in every product, to ensure that none of its taste or texture, or its state of ripening, is affected.

Our fruit always arrives on time. That’s why all our warehouses and distribution centres are equipped with the best organisation and conservation technology and have wide accesses so that products can be distributed quickly without breaking the cold chain required by each fruit. All this infrastructure allows us to make daily deliveries in a flexible manner, adapting to the most demanding customers’ time constraints and delivering our fruit and vegetables in the best possible conditions.

Production and preparation
The best taste is provided by the best soil. Our property “Finca La Pardina”, in the heart of the autonomous region of Aragon, enjoys the excellent continental Mediterranean climate which gives our fruit the best possible taste and texture. Every stem and every seed enjoy the careful attention and expertise of the men and women who have been working at Frutas E. Sánchez for over 50 years.

The property, which is located in the region of Campo de Cariñena, has over 200 hectares of fertile land. It is equipped with the best irrigation and harvesting systems to ensure that every fruit can grow in the best possible conditions.

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